Our Deacon Ministry uses a system called Starbursts to communicate and respond to significant events in someone's life within our church family.  Whether a joy or tragedy, we seek to express our love and compassion to the individual as well as his or her family.  It is our prayer that they will experience first-hand God's love through our church.

Coordinator - Mary Pritchard

                       Contact Mary at 748-2341


                                          2015 Deacons


 Terry Bagshaw  Patti Powell
 Mattie Crockett  Lane Pritchard
 Herman Henderson  Mary Pritchard
 Tony Hopkins  Barry Reid
 Betty Rose Hughes  Clint Strong
 Mark Hughes  Betty Townes
 Bobby Kestner  Bill Vargo
 Brenda Lamb  Carolyn Whitlock
 Bettie McCormick  Karen Wilson
 Terry Mitchell